Coolaroo Pet Beds

21 August 2014

What do we at Friend of the Rottweiler use for our Black & Tan's all important beauty sleep? Coolaroo of course!

We love Coolaroo pet beds because not only are they easy to clean, extremely durable, hygienic, snug & comfy for our dogs, they also provide a firm yet soft surface for our Rottweiler's joints. Being a breed that is pre disposed to hip dysplasia and torn cruciate ligaments, Coolaroo offers support for our big teddy bears where they need it most!

Soooo, because we think that all Rotties should have one of their own, we will be running a competition in the next few weeks where we will be giving away THREE X-large Coolaroo beds!!

Coolaroo beds can also be purchased online with delivery being free of charge!